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1. Am I allowed to use images and resources on my own site ?
Yes you are, but crediting is compulsory. You must include the name of and link to this site. Do not re-upload on other resource sites and claim any content as your own. Not sure how to link ? Copy and paste code at the bottom of this page.

2. Can I hotlink graphics ?
I guess I can't do much about it, it's not like I'll hunt you down if you do but it is preferable that you host images on your own server. You never know when I might delete images, so in the end it's your loss.

3. Do you redistribute content from other sites ?
All graphics/content published here are created by However, I do not claim to own the original base images and/or brushes and textures, relevant credits can be found at the end of each post or here.

4. All content is free... right ?
Well yes, just remember to credit, don't make me nag. Oh but do me a favour and click on the Nuffnang advertisements when they appear please ? I know ads are annoying but let it be your way of paying me. ;)

7. Are you taking requests ?
Maybe, just maybe. When I have time I may consider creating a form for image/layout requests.

Anything else ? Feel free to fill in the enquiry form at the side or ask me at
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