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Since people keep asking for html help through my personal blog and my Facebook page, I shall do a post that covers it all so I don't have to keep finding different links for them. Here are some pages from Blogger Help and which cover useful basic Blogger tags. :)

Comments (pop up and embedded) Pagination links (older/newer posts) Permalink and Blog ID Followers widget Various tags Template tags: defined

Hope you found these useful or comment if there's anything you want me to add to this list. :)


Some people prefer tagboards and some people prefer comments but if you're a greedy person like me you'd want both ! Classic templates look a lot better than the new default templates but many of the Blogger functions like commenting aren't included so we need to add bits of code into our templates.

To add pop-up comments : put the following code between the (blogger)(/blogger) tags. You can change the bit that says "comments" to anything you like. Dont' forget to go to Settings } Comments and set your Comment Form Placement to Pop-up window and save changes.

To add embedded comments : put the following code between the (blogger)(/blogger) tags, preferably after the ($BlogItemBody$) tag. Now you go to Settings } Comments and set your Comment Form Placement to Embedded below post and save changes.

Blogger tags and comment codes for this tutorial are found on Google Blogger Help. I do not own the codes and I hope this tutorial has helped you. Crediting Skeletal Wings if this tutorial has helped you would be very nice of you but not compulsory.

Edit : Sorry the codes are a bit messy because I had a bit of trouble with (textarea).

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As most blogskinners would know, Internet Explorer also know as IE, is the least compatible browser due to its lack of... I don't know what they're called, uh design features. You know how you can do all that fancy stuff with Firefox and Chrome like fixed elements, round borders and transition and all ? Yeah... if you don't speak my language nevermind. :) Maybe there are codes for those out there but they're not as commonly used.

Anyway sorry for the long intro. I use Google Chrome and because I have like OCD, I like to check how my layouts look on other browsers. I have noticed that elements that are position: fixed are not fixed and that kinda messes up the whole layout. However I have found a way to make the fixed elements stay fixed on ie. Okay maybe some people normally code their layouts with this already but still I feel like sharing.

For those who use or like to check out their layouts in IE replace the first {html} tag with the following code :

And that's it, your fixed element should now be fixed properly.

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Hi gaiz long time no update, I'm finally on holidays. Some icons and a few 350 x 200 banners. I really wanna change the layout but I'm too lazy. Some icons are photos I took myself such as the butterfly, dog and kookaburra. Sorry if they look out of place. S:

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